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Pipenology is a manufacturing company with one main focus: to develop and produce the most advanced and reliable custom CIPP liners in the market today. With over 6.2 million linear feet of our liners successfully installed across the nation, we’ve delivered solutions for the most complex CIPP projects and can meet customers’ most demanding requirements.

At Pipenology, we blend our operational, engineering and research expertise into the manufacturing process to bring you state-of-the-art liners at competitive prices. Trust us to be your partner-of-choice for satisfying your most demanding CIPP needs efficiently, reliably and profitably.

Our Liner Solutions Give YOU The Edge

You Asked:

Pipenology creates liner solutions for the challenges faced during each stage of a CIPP project, from pre-planning and installation, to on-time completion. Our management team’s years of field experience provide firsthand knowledge of the problems faced by installers. We started from scratch to produce products that solve the issues faced daily on site

We Listened:

  • You wanted superior coating to make it easier for an installer to find the right balance between inversion control and pressure.
  • You wished for high-performing felt with greater uniformity to ensure even distribution of resin and a dependable product.
  • You needed seams that would hold up in the toughest installation environments


We Delivered:

Pipenology’s superior product components — EnduraCoat™, TechniFelt™ and IronSeam™ — assure you a smooth liner installation experience, superior reliability and long-term customer satisfaction.

CIPP contractors work to build profitable, long-term businesses, while offering PaulS200x200bw1quality solutions in a highly competitive market. We’ve  focused our efforts on designing and producing a cost-effective, high-quality CIPP liner that helps minimize the risk that any CIPP contractor faces in meeting their goals.” Paul Stus, General Manager

Always Innovating – Continuously Improving

Pipenology is committed to continuous improvement, so we are always looking forward toward developing the next generation of CIPP liners.  To incorporate the latest advances in technology, Pipenology researchers explore and test a variety of materials and processes on an ongoing basis.  As a result of this effort over several years, Pipenology has developed several improvements in CIPP liner manufacturing.

Unique Liner Features

Click the tabs below to learn how our materials and processes create a state-of-the-art liner:

LinerBackgroundB&WWe coat our liners with a proprietary polymer blend developed to enhance flexibility, lower small diameter installation pressures, be compatible with either a hot water or steam cure, while optimizing the performance characteristics of the installed product. This coating is key  to a quality installation, cure and the long-term integrity of the CIPP. No other liner manufacturer offers this unique polymer blend for their liner coating

TechniFeltPhotoTo meet the short-term and long-term performance requirements for CIPP, the felt must absorb resin quickly and evenly, retain it throughout the installation and cure, and have superior dimensional stability throughout these processes. Pipenology has chosen the finest technical felt, superior to the felt used by others, because of its uniform polyester felt fiber distribution, absorption and retention of the thermoset resins, resulting in an enhanced consistency of the final product.

IronStichForBannerOur combination of detailed stitching with an extruded seal creates a seam that is both extremely strong and flexible. This combination of attributes makes our liner the best choice for the toughest installation environments.

Making Liners To Satisfy You AND Your Customers

We produce to exacting specifications in our ISO 9001: 2015 certified manufacturing plant.  The sewn liners meet or exceed all ASTM standards.  Pipenology liners are manufactured to the sizes specified by the customer, ranging from 6 inches to 96 inches in diameter. Our liners use our TechniFelt™, considered the highest quality felt available, to ensure consistency in strength and resin absorption. The outside layer is coated with Pipenology’s unique EnduraCoat™, a proprietary polymer blend that enhances flexibility, minimizes friction and is compatible with either a hot water or steam cure.  For extra strength and flexibility, seams are butt-sewn with the finest thread and then extrusion sealed to exacting standards. Our multi-step quality assurance process is conducted on-site, to ensure that the liner is free of dry spots, lifts and delamination of any layers or tube coating. In the end, our quality is best judged by the satisfaction of our customers who ultimately benefit from our liner’s ease of installation, durability and performance.

Whatever your project needs – large or small diameter, challenging specs, tight schedule – we deliver using the latest proven technologies. We partner with you to make sure you get the right liner solution to make your project a success.”  Jim Hock

Quality Is Our Main Ingredient


It’s about the people…

At Pipenology, we’re focused day in and day out on producing the best quality CIPP liner in the market.  Our team doesn’t rely only on technology to ensure you get what you want and need, but adds years of experience and craftsmanship to make sure our products deliver state-of-the-art quality.  Our team is focused on what we do best: creating the best liners in the market, so you can focus on what you do best.

… and it’s about the technology

We have built our own, proprietary production equipment after years of analyzing the needs of customers and production techniques.  We make sure the results meet exacting specifications, and constantly test to make sure we maintain the highest levels of performance, so you can rest assured that the liner you are using will perform as predicted and expected.  Our Quality Management System has been ISO 9001 certified since 2011 and successfully transitioned to ISO 9001:2015 in 2017.

Experienced Leadership

Paul J. Stus – Leading R&D to create a new generation of CIPP liner

Paul took the reins at Pipenology in 2017, leading the company’s R&D and business development effort.

Paul J. Stus

Paul J. Stus

General Manager

For over 30 years I have had the great fortune to manufacture products both domestically and internationally. Pipenology safely produces CIPP liners with outstanding attention to quality and performance. Simply put, the products are second to none. Being vertically integrated makes us extremely responsive and provides great access to innovative technological improvements.

Jacob Ohlms

Jacob Ohlms

Manufacturing Production Supervisor

“I have dedicated my 10+ year career with Pipenology to mastering all facets of production, order fulfillment, and customer service. My formal education in Manufacturing Technology Management combined with my practical hands-on experience with materials, machinery, and methods provide a solid foundation for ensuring we always provide world-class products. I believe that efficiency, consistency, and safety are the key components to delivering a quality product on schedule both to our internal and external customers. The entire Pipenology team and I work diligently each and every day to meet and exceed expectations. ” Jacob Ohlms

Join The Team That’s Changing The Industry

pipe_teamIf you’re looking for a great place to work, look no further. If you want to work at a company that empowers you and values innovation, look no further. If you want to be part of a team that supports each other with opportunities for advancement, look no further.

We are constantly looking for new team members to join Pipenology, so please click below to see a list of our current openings and apply online:

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